The Creative Journey of YAMES

Step into the vibrant world of James Moffitt, better known as YAMES, a Buffalo native and co-founder of the renowned Pine Apple Company. With a formal training from Pratt Institute and a passion for all things artistic, YAMES has set out to make his mark on the world through his unique brand of creativity.

Specializing in hand-painted signs, typography, illustration, and murals, YAMES brings a burst of color and life to his surroundings. His work is not limited to the confines of a gallery; you can find his artistic touch on various businesses throughout Buffalo, including Hydraulic Hearth, Sato Brewpub, Larkin Square, and the National Grid’s Terminal Station B.

Though this may be YAMES’s first mural with the Public Art Initiative, he is no stranger to collaborative projects. His experience in assisting on numerous other projects for the Initiative has helped shape his artistic vision and honed his skills to create truly captivating works of art.

Exploring the Streets of Buffalo with YAMES

As you walk down the streets of Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood, be prepared to be captivated by YAMES’s artistry. His hand-painted signs are a testament to his exceptional attention to detail and his ability to transform ordinary storefronts into artistic masterpieces. Each stroke of his paintbrush tells a story, adding a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the urban landscape.

But YAMES’s talent extends beyond signs and typography. His illustrations are a feast for the eyes, combining bold colors and intricate details to create captivating visuals. From larger-than-life murals that breathe life into empty walls to delightful illustrations that adorn the pages of magazines, YAMES’s work never fails to leave a lasting impression.

A Bright Future for YAMES and the Public Art Initiative

The Public Art Initiative has been instrumental in promoting local artists like YAMES and bringing their creativity to the forefront of the community. With each new project, YAMES continues to push boundaries and challenge the conventional notions of art.

As you immerse yourself in YAMES’s world of vibrant colors and imaginative designs, you can’t help but feel a sense of optimism and joy. His art brings people together, sparks conversations, and injects a dose of creativity into everyday life. With each stroke of his paintbrush, YAMES is creating a brighter and more beautiful world.

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