Hand painted Brush Lettering Workshop Flyer Saturday May 4th at Hyatt's in Buffalo NY from 1 to 3 pm

Elevate your art practice with the Basics of Brush Lettering taught by Yames – Saturday May 4th at Hyatt’s All Things Creative.

This course will cover how to use a sign painter’s quill brush, brush maintenance and how to paint basic letterforms. We will focus on gothic letterforms (also known as a block letters) and a sign painter’s casual alphabet (a slanted or italic letterform). Both of these alphabets are the perfect place to start on your hand lettering journey. Once you have mastered these, any letterform will be a breeze to reproduce.

Participants will be taught in the traditional method of lettering with a brush while holding a mahl stick and palette, as well as other methods to find what suits them. A mahl stick provides a place to rest your hand while creating your art. Most commonly used during plein air painting, the mahl stick also provides extra maneuverability while painting. This comes in handy especially when painting curved letterforms.

No prior knowledge is necessary to attend, this course is for people of all skill levels.


*Participants under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


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Brush Lettering Basics Workshop Outline

• 12:45 — 1:00 pm

   Meet & mingle – participants arrive & get settled into their workspace.

• 1:00 — 1:10 pm

   Workshop overview & initial instructions:

   Participants will be given supplies and instructions on the basic brush strokes to get them started.

• 1:10 — 1:30 pm

Practice basic brush strokes ( ) / \ – I  and show how to cap the ends.

Cover brush handling and how to twist in/out.

• 1:30 — 1:35 pm

Demonstrate how basics are used to make up letterforms.

• 1:35 — 2:00 pm

Participants will practice the block letter alphabet.

• 2:00 — 2:30 pm

Participants will practice the casual letter alphabet.

• 2:30 — 3:00 pm

Practice painting words/phrases


James Moffitt, aka YAMES, is a Buffalo native and co-founder of Pine Apple Company, an artist collective and gallery located in Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood. Having formally trained at Pratt Institute, YAMES is a multidisciplinary graphic artist who specializes in hand-painted signs, gold leaf, typography, illustration, murals, and more. You can see his work on businesses throughout Buffalo, including Hydraulic Hearth, Sato Ramen, Larkin Square, and National Grid’s Terminal Station B. In 2020, YAMES completed two mural projects with the Buffalo AKG Art Museum’s Public Art Initiative and has assisted on numerous other projects for the Initiative as well. In 2021 YAMES was selected to take part in the Lowe’s 100th anniversary mural campaign. This year Yames is the recipient of two grants that will be used to grow and evolve his practice of gold leaf glass signs. The first grant is from the Andy Warhol Foundation through the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art. The second is from the New York State Council on the Arts through Arts Services Incorporated. Stay tuned for updates by joining the Yames quarterly newsletter in the contact us form below!

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